From Numbness to Hope: A Nigerian’s Spine Surgery Journey in Bursa Turkey

Amina, a vibrant 47-year-old woman from Lagos, Nigeria, had been battling a relentless foe for the past three years: spreading numbness. It began subtly, a tingling sensation in her fingertips that gradually crept up her arms and into her legs. Simple tasks like holding a cup of tea or walking to the market became a daily struggle. The lack of feeling was isolating, robbing her of the joy in everyday life.

Unfortunately, the specific type of spine surgery Amina needed wasn’t readily available in Nigeria. Determined to regain control, Amina embarked on a journey of hope that would lead her beyond her borders.

Seeking Relief Abroad: The Discovery of Medical Tourism

During Amina’s search for solutions to her spreading numbness, she stumbled upon a video featuring a success story from Turan Turan Hospital, where someone faced a similar problem and got better. This led her to explore medical tourism – a way of going to another country for medical treatment.

Medical tourism is becoming more popular, where people travel to get specialized care that might not be available in their own country. Amina found out about Turan Turan Health Group in Bursa, Turkey, which specializes in treating spine issues. The success story video gave her hope, and she decided to consider this option to find relief from her spreading numbness.

Research and Decision-Making

Amina wanted to make sure she was making the right choice for her spreading numbness, so she did some careful research. She looked at information about Turan Turan Health Group on the internet, checking their website and learning about what they do.

She also read stories from other people who had similar problems and got better after treatment at Turan Turan. These success stories gave Amina hope and made her feel more confident about choosing this place.

To be extra sure, Amina checked if Turan Turan Health Group had the right qualifications and accreditations. This meant making sure they were officially recognized as a good place for the kind of treatment she needed. This way, Amina could trust that she was making a wise decision for her health.

The Journey to Bursa Turkey

Amina faced a challenge when it came to visiting Bursa, Turkey, because of visa issues for people from Africa. However, Turan Turan Health Group stepped in to help by sending her a special invitation for the visa and assisting with other medical documents needed to get permission to travel to Turkey.

When it was time to travel from Nigeria to Bursa, Amina’s journey was carefully arranged. She might have felt a bit worried or nervous initially, thinking about the new place and the treatment she was going to receive. These are normal concerns when going somewhere unfamiliar for medical reasons. However, the team at Turan Turan Health Group was there to support Amina every step of the way, ensuring a smooth journey for her.

Amina’s First Meeting with Dr. Turan in Bursa Turkey

When Amina arrived at Turan Turan Health Group, her first meeting with Dr. Kayhan Turan was a crucial step in her journey to healing. During this initial consultation, the doctor took the time to listen to Amina’s concerns and understand her experiences with spreading numbness.

Dr. Turan then conducted a thorough diagnostic process to pinpoint the cause of Amina’s condition. This involved various tests and evaluations, which helped the doctor gather important information about Amina’s spine health. These tests were necessary to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to Amina’s specific needs.

DR khayan Turan

One remarkable aspect of Dr. Turan’s approach was his clear communication style. Even in English, Dr. Turan made sure to explain the diagnosis in a way that Amina could understand. He patiently walked her through the details of her condition, ensuring that she felt informed and involved in the decision-making process. This clear communication played a crucial role in building trust between Amina and her doctor, fostering a positive and supportive environment for her treatment journey.

Treatment Plan and Personalized Care

After the thorough consultation and diagnosis, Dr. Kayhan Turan at Turan Turan Health Group designed a personalized treatment plan specifically for Amina to address her spreading numbness and improve her overall spine health.

The treatment plan involved several key components:

  1. Specific Procedures for Spreading Numbness: Dr. Turan recommended specific medical procedures targeted at addressing the root cause of Amina’s spreading numbness. These procedures were carefully chosen based on Amina’s diagnosis and tailored to provide effective relief.
  2. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Options: Recognizing the importance of rehabilitation in the recovery process, the treatment plan included a personalized physical therapy regimen. This aimed to strengthen Amina’s spine, enhance mobility, and improve overall well-being.
  3. Pain Management Strategies: Understanding the impact of pain on Amina’s daily life, the treatment plan incorporated strategies for effective pain management. This could include medication, therapeutic techniques, and lifestyle adjustments to minimize discomfort.

What set Turan Turan Health Group apart was the emphasis on personalized care. Dr. Turan and his team ensured that each aspect of the treatment plan was tailored to Amina’s unique needs, taking into account her medical history, preferences, and overall health goals.

Amina’s Recovery Journey with Turan Turan Health Group

During Amina’s time at Turan Turan Health Group, she had a positive and effective treatment experience. The medical staff, led by Dr. Kayhan Turan, were skilled and professional. Amina’s recovery journey was closely monitored, and the team provided expert care.

After the treatment, Amina noticed significant progress and improvement in her spreading numbness. The rehabilitation process, including physical therapy, was tailored to her needs, contributing to her overall recovery. Amina’s experience at Turan Turan Health Group was marked by the expertise of the medical staff, their dedication to her well-being, and the effectiveness of the treatment, ultimately leading to a successful recovery.

Amina’s Return to Nigeria after Successful Spine Surgery

After a successful spine surgery at Turan Turan Health Group in Bursa, Turkey, Amina happily returned to Nigeria, leaving behind the spreading numbness that once troubled her. The surgery, coupled with personalized care, brought significant physical and emotional improvements.

Back in Nigeria, Amina resumed her daily activities with ease, experiencing a newfound comfort and mobility. The positive impact of the surgery extended to her mental and emotional well-being, allowing her to embrace a life free from limitations.

Amina’s ongoing care included monthly video calls with Dr. Kayhan Turan and virtual rehabilitation coaching through the PlacidWay platform. These efforts ensured continuous support and progress monitoring, highlighting the holistic approach to patient care.

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